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About Schooner Applejack

The Schooner Applejack was built in 1947 by builder and designer Fred Whittier in the shipyard of Whittier and Lowe in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Schooner Applejack takes its lines from the traditions of the great Gloucester fishing schooners of the 1800s. A scaled-down topsail schooner, Schooner Applejack is constructed from long-leaf yellow pine planking over white oak frames and measures 48ft. in overall length, with a 12 ft. beam and a full keel that draws 6 ft. Under a full press, Schooner Applejack carries a mainsail, foresail, staysail, jib, jib topsail, and a fisherman.

Sail Away With Us!

Schooner Applejack was a renowned charter boat in the Bahamas from the 1950s until the late 60s. Sailing a route from Ipswich Mass, to Man O War Cay to Cuba this humble windjammer carried various cargos for her master, which included rum, guns, cigars, and passengers. Schooner Applejack takes its name from a watering hole, one of the builder’s favorite haunts in the Florida Keys. Today Schooner Applejack sails proudly from Boothbay Harbor carrying 14 passengers and is perfect for an intimate two-hour or private custom charter Sail Maine adventure.